Mobile enabled Front Desk


Mobile enabled Front Desk

Booking Engine with Payment Gateway

Central Reservation System

Real time Reports

Micro Website

Custom Configure

Manage Walk-Ins

Manage your walk-ins, i.e. guests with no prior reservation, conveniently by cross checking the available inventory - check-ins, checkouts, blocked rooms etc.

Make a New Reservation

Make new reservations from the available inventory for the selected dates. If it’s a returning guest, pull up their details automatically from the guest records with the guest look up tool.

Auto Check-In and Checkout

Automatic check-in and checkouts for your reservations according to the times specified in your system configuration and the details mentioned in the Reservations page.

Smartphone and Tablet-designed

The mobile app is designed for easy use on android, smartphones and tablets.

View and manage all Reservations

Manage your future reservations, check-ins and checkouts, and cancellations directly from the mobile app. The built-in sync facility ensures that any changes on one platform are immediately reflected on the others.

Guest Records

Add and manage your guest records with an easy and comprehensive detailing of your guest’s details, their groupings (as per your system configuration), comments, preferences and special instructions, and unique treatment (VIP / Blacklist / etc.) at your property.


Based on your additional offerings,set up your add-on charges in the system. These can be easily managed by the user. Add the relevant charges from the drop down to individual room bills, as applicable.

Email/Print Bills

At any point, quickly and easily print or email the relevant reservation information, receipts, and / or invoices (as per your customers’ preferences) directly from the Reservations Details page.

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate notification regarding check-ins and checkouts, cancellations, additional requests, guest birthday reminders, etc. on your mobile app.

SMS / Email Alerts

System-generated SMS and email alerts received by the property owner and guest regarding reservations, additional requests / instructions, final bill payment, etc.

Alerts, Notifications & Reminders

Property Owner receives alerts for all changes and additions to reservations, and notifications and reminders for pending actions or receivables on the app as well as the registered mobile number.